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BaSys is a set of 2 widgets to monitor and help you manage your Windows system.

  • Switch WIFI connection on/off with a single click

  • One click Windows shutdown, restart, log off, sleep or hibernate

  • Audible alerts for many system events (optional, see screenshot)

  • Automatically disconnect from the network when you are away 

  • Data usage statistics

  • Windows info: version, serial nr, product key...
  • The widgets can be placed wherever you want them

BaSys dashboard image

The Dashboard widget can show:

  • buttons for WIFI on/off,

  • Windows shutdown (or restart, sleep hibernate),

  • audio volume and mute,

  • notifications on/off

  • info panels for system activity: network download/upload speed, drive read/write speed,  processor and memory use, battery state, audio volume

  All buttons and info panels can be shown or hidden    individually, see the Settings screenshot

BaSys graph widget

The Graph widget

  • Network activity monitor: upload and download speed

  • Appearance highly custimizable: style, colors, transparency, scale, refresh rate, tick marks, auto-hide etc.

Some screenshots

Current version: 3.4.0

BaSys runs on almost any pc with Windows 11, 10 or 8.1

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