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Justmapzz routing image
  • Explore the world with the best maps, including satellite maps and take a close look at the places with streetview.

  • Prepare your trips. Create routes, favourites and waypoints and transfer it all to your GPS.

  • Import the tracks from your GPS device, edit them and share the results with your friends.

Justmapzz map providers

Choose one the 18 map types.
Store the 4 most used maps in a

one-click preset.
Change map providers instantly while conserving the display of your routes, favourites and markers.

Justmapzz StreetPics

All pictures from Google Street View, but enhanced with an orientation map to see the exact camera position and view direction. You can turn and tilt the camera, change the camera zoom, show the street address and save the image to a file.

Justmapzz tracks editor

GPX tracks management:
Draw new tracks from scratch or
import GPX files, drag points to new positions, add or delete points, split tracks, prune tracks.
Add elevation data, show charts for elevation and speed.
Export tracks and waypoints to GPX- or KML files.

Justmapzz elevation Chart

Show interactive elevation charts of calculated routes.
Export routes as a GPX tracks.

Justmapzz Crossmapzz viewer

Open the Crossmapzz viewer next to the main map to compare up to 5 maps and browse those maps while their positions and zoom levels are (optionally) kept synchronized.


Current version: 2024.01


Justmapzz runs on almost any pc with Windows 11 or 10

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