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  • Make collections of desktop shortcuts in Tabs for programs you use frequently

  • Open the programs in a Tab with a single click

  • Drag desktop shortcuts to a Tab or create new shortcuts from any file in your pc

  • Add shortcuts from the taskbar or from running programs

  •  Some examples of the many possible looks of tabs

  • Tabs can be set to expand and collapse automatically when you hover the mouse over a Tab or when you click a shortcut

  • Customize font, size, icon size and colors

  • Keep Tabs on top of open programs (optionally)


The general settings

  • Start TopTabs when Windows starts

  • Snap the position of a tab to the desktop border(s)

  • Tabs can be rectangles or with rounded corners

  • Set the text size and icon size of the shortcuts

  • Automatically add shortcuts to a Tab for new desktop items, e.g. when you install a new program.

The tab background can be set to transparent. 
This allows you to create tabs with a Windows taskbar style.

Now you can have multiple taskbars,  in one line horizontal, vertical or as a block of icons of any size.

tab options301.png

Every tab can have its own look, behaviour and dimensions. And when you have set the options of a tab to your likings, you can copy all those settings to other tabs with just one click.

TopTabs runs on almost any pc with Windows 10 and 11

  • This program is free to install and use

  • It doesn't contain ads

  • It doesn't collect your personal data

  • It is free from viruses and other malware

  • Made with pleasure for your pleasure

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